On Jan 20th 2022, from 13.00 (1pm), we will host and kick off the annual PhD Day where all PhD students in biology at SU are invited to present their work for each other.
You can either present your work in a 15 min talk or put up a poster - both activities entitles to one credit point (1hp) - or just come and contribute to the discussions. There will be two oral sessions plus a separate poster session. We also hope to invite a recently graduated student for a short presentation about her/his thoughts on being a PhD student at SU.
After the scientific activities, all participants are invited for dinner at Stora Skuggans Värdshus.

In order to register please click here (deadline Jan 5).

If any food allergies – please email Sara separately after you have registered (sara.rydberg@su.se).

All the best,
Sara and Claes