This is a course for those who want to receive an overview and a more profound knowledge of how stable isotopes can be used in modern ecological research and in archaeological applications. The focus is primarily on research questions and practical applications, but the underlying theoretical aspects are also covered. Examples of the content are: geological distribution and fractionation, ecological applications, archaeological and paleozoological applications. We will also present some of the software used to analyse and model stable isotopes. An individual practical project is also included. The course on Stable isotopes as a tool for ecologists runs in connection with the course Molecular ecology (15hp). Interested PhD students are welcome to participate. We will admit a maximum number of 12 PhD students on this course. Unless the pandemic situation prevents it, the course will be held with face-to-face teaching in Stockholm.

Time: To be announced.

Anders Angerbjörn (AA), Department of Zoology, Stockholm University
Fredrik Dalerum (FD), Department of Zoology, Stockholm University Biodiversity Research Institute, Spanish National Research Council
Elena Gorokhova (EG), ACES, Stockholm University
Grant Hall (GH), Mammal Research Institute, University of Pretoria
Agnes Karlsson (AK), ACES, Stockholm University
Kerstin Lidén (KL), Department of Archaeology, Stockholm University
Magnus Mörth (MM), Department of Geological Sciences, Stockholm University
Monika Winder (MW), DEEP, Stockholm University

Preliminary schedule: See below