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For PhD course organizers

One of the main aims of the research schools is to support faculty at the section of biology to give courses for Ph.D. students in biology at SU. To meet this aim we give financial support to Ph.D courses. We are specifically looking to support courses that may be of interest for Ph.D. students from more than one department.

The typical upper limit for these grants have been around 30 000 SEK.

To get financial support from the Research School we want anyone interested in giving a course to submit a short proposal (one page of text) where you state:

  • Name of the course
  • A short description of the course
  • Which group of students do you think will attend the course
  • Length of the course (no. of credits)
  • Approximately when do you want to run the course
  • Brief budget
  • Name of the course leader at the section

If the course is within the fields of “Molecular Life Sciences” send your proposal to the coordinator, Claes Andréasson,

If the course is within the fields “Ecology, Biodiversity and the Environment” send your proposal to the coordinator, Sara Rydberg,