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Welcome to BioResearch School

The Stockholm University BioResearch School organizes PhD-courses for students at any of the Biology departments at SU no matter their subject area. Hence, all courses are open for all students unless otherwise stated. In addition to subject-related courses, the BioResearch School organizes introductory course, obligatory for all PhD-students in Biology and a requirement for those expected to participate in teaching, as well as other general  interest courses and special events, such as workshops and the annual PhD-day. Many of these activities provide ample opportunities for trans-disciplinary interactions and networking with students working on a broad range of problems.

The BioResearch School is led by two coordinators, which work closely together and report to a steering committee appointed by the Biology Section of the SU Faculty of Science.

Forskarskolan i biologi

Välkommen till Forskarskolan i Biologi! Eftersom en stor del av sektionens studenter inte är svensktalande och merparten av forskningsverksamheten är baserad på engelskspråkig litteratur hålls också forskarskolans kurser praktiskt taget uteslutande på engelska.


Claes Andréasson

Sara Rydberg

Minna Miettinen
Web Editor

Obligatory course

Introduction to Research studies in Biology